Web Sites

In the list below you can see some of the previous web sites we have designed and built for our clients. They vary from full E-commerce solutions down to simple static page sites with just a sprinkling of PHP.

Hamlet Cigars
We were approached by One Darnley Road to provide a full stack .NET solution for the new Hamlet Cigars web site. The site contents were designed by One Darnley Road and then coded and integrated everything.

The site also includes all the vintage Hamlet Radio and Television adverting which is actually great fun to see again.

The site required lots of bespoke logic and integration into the JTI server environment. The development included all security database design and highly customised login and authentication mechanisms.

The site also has to comply with strict tobacco advertising standards including integration with ID3Global web services for real-time electoral roll lookup for age and ID verification.

Technologies Used: .NET 4.5, C#, MVC4, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript, Entity Framework 6
Greens Models Ltd
Greens Models was, at the time of our engagement, a completely new business. They approached us to provide a full-range service. The initial requirements included all branding and graphic content, product photography services and a full e-commerce solution. Since this was going to be a potentially massive web site in terms of the range and quantity of products sold we advised that a fully hosted solution was most suitable.

The gains for e-commerce far outweigh the modest costs. For raw performance and the naturally included security benefits these platforms bring they are very good value for money. Customers and customer data security is make or break in the online world and having that level of assurance for your business is literally priceless.

Technologies Used: Shopify, Photoshop, CSS, Liquid templating, HTML5
Niiro Arts
The home page of Niiro Arts custom jewellery business. They came to us with nothing at all, we developed the look and feel for the entire business and developed the web site using Wordpress as the content management system. We also provided the original product photography provided as a bolt on service at launch time. The site also contains a complete E-commerce solution with integration with their bank account and PayPal.

Technologies Used: XHTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, Photoshop, Jigoshop, PayPal
Primary Colour Photography
The home page of Primary Colour Photography. We provided all the design services and created all branding items including the logo, web site and business cards and letterhead The site is the home of a professional photographer and includes galleries and information about the services provided. The site also contains a full E-commerce solution based on the Wordpress content management system. The site is also heavily integrated with PayPal and secured using 256-bit SSL certificates to ensure the sensitive areas of the site are secure.

Technologies Used: XHTML, CSS, Wordpress, Photoshop, SSL, Jigoshop, PayPal
The home page of software development company JamSoft. JamSoft is the software development division of Lenssniper and produces work-flow software for musicians and studio producers. We provided all design services and web development services.

Technologies Used:XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Wordpress, PHP, phpBB, dokuwiki
Wheel of Four Tunes
The home site of the Wheel of Four Tunes. They came to use with a lot of graphic work completed and wanted a web site as a focus for the promotion of their live act.

Technologies Used:XHTML, CSS, Wordpress, Photoshop
Cut The Mustard
Home page of the art of Tim Stephens. Tim provided the complete design for the site and we turned it into a full functioning web site with PayPal integration.

Technologies Used:XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, PayPal
This is a personal home page project, a collection of static pages and a blog powered by Wordpress.

Technologies Used:XHTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP