Hamlet Cigars for Japan Tobacco International

The Challenge

We were asked to provide a technical solution to power the newly designed Hamlet Cigars web site.  We were working alongside their digital design studio One Darnley Road based in London.  They provided all the assets and we provided everything else.

The site was designed to showcase the brand through including all their historical television and radio advertisements.

Our Solution

The client required a back end solution comprised of all necessary components and integration.  The key components included:

  • a web framework
  • database
  • 3rd party web services integration

Since they operated their own hosting environment using Microsoft technologies we built all the components making use of the latest Microsoft technologies.

The web portion of the solution made use of Microsoft MVC 5 framework built on top of .NET 4.5 hooked up to a Microsoft SQL Server database.  The web framework used the Entity Framework as an ORM to access the database using a Code First approach.

The solution had to also fall in-line with very strict tobacco advertising legislation which exercises controls over how tobacco products are advertised in the UK.  In order to comply with these regulations access to the site is restricted by age.  In order to perform these checks we integrated the site into ID3 Global lookup services using XML based web services.  These services allow consumers to check the provided name and date of birth information to perform electoral role checks to confirm the viewer meets the regulations.

We also provided all the support to the end client IT system administrators to perform security audits on the solution prior to deployment also also then provided all post deployment support until the solution was pushed into production.

Solution Specifics

Microsoft MVC 5, Entity Framework, SQL Server, ID3 Global, jQuery, JavaScript, Git

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