MvvmCross Contributions

Whilst we have been working on various mobile solutions we have made extensive use of open source libraries, in particular MvvmCross.

MvvmCross has been in development for a number of years and is used to underpin some very high profile commercial Xamarin based mobile applications.  The primary focus of the library is to bring a unified WPF-like data binding approach to all available mobile and desktop platforms.  Being able to use a design pattern such as Mvvm on platforms like iOS hugely increases developer productivity and application unit testing.  We highly recommend this framework.

Over the past few months we have made a number of code contributions back into this excellent framework.  Currently our main contribution has been in creating the MvvmCross iOS Support library to aid fellow developers developing for the Apple platform.

Let us know what you think!

JTI – Hamlet Cigars

We have recently completed work on a new web site for the very well known Japan Tobacco International owned brand Hamlet Cigars.  We worked alongside the excellent London based digital media and branding agency One Darnley Road.

The new site was required to launch alongside other media channels to complete a re-branding exercise and contains brand information and all their historical television and radio advertising materials.

Since the controls around marketing and advertising tobacco products is highly regulated in the UK the site has some unique requirements around controlling how users register, authenticate and perform age verification against the integrated ID3Global web services.

You can view the new site by clicking the link below:

Political Literacy

We have started a new in-house project about increasing critical thinking in relation to politics and political reporting in the UK.  It is an exciting project to be involved in and we are welcoming any help in realising the completed project.

If you think you can help please do look at the site and contact us.

Hello new

Welcome to the new look web site.  It’s been a long time coming as we have been so busy on more pressing client work.  Whilst we loved the old site (obvs!) technology, time and requirements move fast and the theme we had developed for WordPress was looking old.

So we sat down and had a think.  The basic premise of anything we do centres around less is more.   The longer we find ourselves wondering this technological land the more obvious this becomes.  All through the various disciplines from design to writing code and audio work, less is almost always better.  We also wanted to fully support the new array of devices that adorn almost everyones lives now (quite rightly too!).  We want to use the site with our iPads!

The platform was already decided – WordPress, we love it here and it really does deserve it’s top spot.  We then evaluated a number of responsive frameworks for the site and eventually settled on Foundation 5.  This framework is excellent and we can highly recommend it.  We also wanted to start writing about some of the projects we have worked on so decided to author a custom case studies plugin for WordPress to present these.

Anyway, we hope you like the new site and hope to speak to you soon!


New Client – Greens Models

We very happy to announce that we have a new client in the fold.  We have been commissioned to build their entire on-line presence as they are completely new to on-line retail and managing web sites.

We have been asked to;

  • Evaluate e-commerce platforms
  • Design all branding and graphics
  • Design, build, configure and deploy

We are really looking forward to working with this client on what looks to be a fun and interesting project.

The Boot Hill All Stars

Great shoot at the weekend with the Boot Hill All Stars.  They were in need of some new promotional shots that included some new band members and asked if Lenssniper could take on the job. We had a grand old time of it but the weather was pretty horrid 🙁  Will add links here once the new photos are included on their web site.

Blender Infinity Cove

Thought I’d give you all a little xmas gift.  I’ve been working on some materials over the last few days and needed an Infinity Cove for the final renders.  So knocked this up and thought I’d share it.


Happy New Year

Just a short message wishing all our friends & clients a very happy and productive 2014.