Software Projects

A collection of software projects we have been involved with

Developed by Lenssniper this is an application designed to become part of the audio production workflow. It features full drag and drop integration with other audio applications and provides a concise view of all your audio assets. It also will automatically catalogue samples into categories like, Drums, Strings etc. It also features a random drum kit generator that exports natively to Native Instruments Battery drum kit format.

Technologies Used:C#, WPF, .NET, Bass Audio Engine, Wix Installer Toolkit, SVN, SQLCE 3.5
Mango Solutions - NCA Tool
Mango solutions contracted Lenssniper to head up a new .NET development team to produce an advanced data analysis system for the pharmaceutical industry. We worked closely with their internal developers to architect the system, develop and mentor the internal team. The application provides laboratory staff the ability to perform complex analysis of plasma concentration level results over time using non-compartmental analysis techniques. We also designed the user interface (UX) and implemented real-time globalisation language packs.

Technologies Used:C#, WPF, .NET 4.0, VS2010, WiX, SQLite, R, Infragistics
We were involved in the very early stages of planning, architecture and building the prototype of this product. When we engaged on the project we were starting from a near blank page to a working prototype. The project involved creating a single-sign-on (SSO) platform to bring together various sources of marketing data into a unified view. The platform involved managing all user accounts and permissions system of the various tools and Active Directory integration. Technologies: C# 5, ASP.NET MVC, VS2012, MEF, Team Foundation
LalPac is an application used by many local government departments to manage and issue licenses for regulatory services. The application was being ported from an older Delphi application to the newer .NET and WPF platform. The application was extremely complex in nature as it had to support many slightly varying methodologies and criteria depending on the local authorities processes and requirements. Technologies: C# 3.5, WPF, VS2008, TeamCity, Delphi, ASP.NET